Check out what people say about us:

“Through a sepia-toned lens..”– Times of India

“Bombay blown-up…”– Mint Lounge

“Once upon a time in Mumbai…take a walk from CST to Gateway and gaze upon a city that has existed over a century” – Mumbai Mirror

“Bombay Revisited.. The idea is to show an unexplored era to an uninitiated audience” – Hindustan Times

“Good Old days.. Vintage images in sepia tone take you to the good old days of Bombay” – Afternoon

“A century ago, Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) was just as cosmopolitan but far from the Maximum city it has become”– Mid-day

“A journey from Bombay to Mumbai”– Business Wizard

“Vintage exhibit showcases archival city of dreams”– Financial Chronicle

“Bombay that was.. Century-old photographic prints reveal a more genteel and gracious pace of Maximum City.”– Hindu Business Line

“Framed Memories …An exhibition of 50 images bring to life the charm of Old Bombay”– Mumbai Newsline

“Bombay 100 Years Ago .. Edition of 100-year-old unpublished archival prints on Mumbai on canvas”– Swagat

“Past Perfect.”– Ah! Bombay-Island

“Bombay then, Mumbai now”– Oberoi

“Vintage points …an exhibition of images of old Mumbai offers more than déjàvu”– Time Out Mumbai

“Jewels in the Crown.. The exhibition ‘Bombay 100 Years Ago’takes you down memory lanes flanked by Colonial Buildings, A legacy of the British Raj”– Architecture and Interiors India

“Bombay from the sublime to slim. This splendid Victorian city of the past is today ravaged beyondredemption”– Blitz Plus

“Photographic Memories… Transport yourself to the golden era when Mumbai was Bombay, as you sift through ‘Bombay 100 Years Ago’ ” – Society World of Luxury

“Bombay 100 years ago.. you feel a heave of nostalgia for what was more than a twinge for what cannot be” – Galleria-Femina

“I’ve got lots of memories of old Bombay…Can you imagine seeing them today in Bombay?” – Mehli Gobai (Painter)

“With regards to exteriors, the Victoria Terminus building (CST) stands out because it is the most grand railway terminus in Asia. It has a wonderful façade.” – Tasneem Mehta (Conservationist)

“Many areas in Mumbai remain much the same as before but Marine Drive is one that has really changed.” – Sharda Dwivedi (Historian and writer)

“British bureaucracy was all around. Public life was rigid. The sanitation of the city was good. Life was much safer.”– S S Rege (Librarian)

“The entire district from the Bombay High Court to the Universityand the Elphinstone building speaks of Bombay’s great architectural heritage as they have all been constructed a century ago and are still looking aspretty as before” – Nana Chudasama (Ex-Sheriff, Mumbai)